Atlanta Personal Injury Attorneys

If you were injured or even have the means to sue for damages, then you should speak with the best Atlanta personal injury attorney in your local area. However, in order to pick the right best Atlanta personal injury attorney, there are some important questions you need to ask. This article gives you some advice for hiring an attorney.

The first question that needs to be asked when looking for a personal injury attorney is who they are and what kind of experience they have. Asking around in your community is one way of finding a reputable attorney, but you can also contact the Georgia Bar Association or the State Bar Association of Georgia to find attorneys by reputation. Find out how long their practice has been open and if any cases they have represented were settled or lost. The latter can tell you if the attorney is honest and knows what he or she is doing. Also, find out the type of legal services they provide and whether their services cover only personal injury cases.

In addition to asking about the attorney’s experience and reputation, you should ask if they have any special training in the field of personal injury attorneys. You don’t want to go with a personal injury attorney that specializes in a specific area such as personal injury law or worker’s compensation. For instance, if the attorney specializes in personal injury law, you’ll probably need another lawyer who is an expert in worker’s compensation law.

In addition to asking how long the personal injury attorney has been practicing, you should ask to see any case history they have had so far. If the attorney is new to this field, it may be in their best interest to put together a brief case history so you know what to expect from them. This way you’ll be able to compare their track record against the attorney of a similar practice. You may even be able to get a copy of their current or former case notes to review.

When asking questions about experience, it may be a good idea to look at the personal injury attorney’s website to see if they offer free online consultations. This gives you the opportunity to ask any questions that are not answered online. If the site seems disorganized and does not provide any details, or does not offer a phone number, then you’ll want to move on to someone who does.

Ask for referrals from others. The most popular method is to ask former clients or friends who they have represented before. Some people may not feel comfortable sharing their names, but others may feel uncomfortable sharing a phone number with a stranger or with their former attorney because of a perceived “insider” connection. In this case, the easiest way to locate a good attorney is to go with an online networking service such as the American Lawyer Directory or the Yellow Pages.

If a personal injury attorney provides you with a phone number or an email address, then call or email them. Ask what their hours are, what kind of cases they typically handle and what kind of success they have in terms of personal injuries. By asking these basic questions, you can find out more about them and get a feel for their approach to the cases they handle.

Atlanta lawyers work hard to earn a living, so it pays to make sure they are experienced and competent in the area of personal injury law. If they are not experienced in this area, then you may not get the same quality of work they are used to.

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